About Us 

   Neil Card is a graduate of the Ottawa Home Inspector Program at  Algonquin College and is also a "Certified Master Home Inspector" member of InterNACHI  Barrhaven Home Inspectors  is also a Better Business Bureau member in good standing for your protection.  
  Neil is also an IAC2 Certified mould & radon gas tester and he is also a member of "C-NRPP" (National Radon Proficiency Program) which meets Health Canada standards for Radon testing in  Canada. He has been involved in various aspects of the construction industry since 1975.  During that time he has worked as a  house framer, as well as working on the framing and pouring of both commercial and residential concrete footings and foundations. He has worked for roofing companies, both commercial and residential and has operated his own roofing and siding business.
For a number of years he also looked after the interior and exterior maintenance of 78 townhouses in Ottawa. He has also worked with brick layers doing restoration work on government buildings in Ottawa.To add to his list of achievements, Neil Card has recently completed the "Clandestine Labs, Grow Ops, & Guns seminar" presentation that included speakers from the RCMP and the Ottawa Police Drug Squad. Thermography training has also be undertaken to become a Certified Thermographer, which gives him the necessary qualifications to use an Infrared Thermo Imaging Camera on his inspections to better the odds of finding moisture and other hidden  problems inside and outside the home.

    With the high cost of construction repairs today, getting the big picture on the home you want to buy is a definite must, before you make the commitment to purchase. Having his wealth of knowledge in the residential construction trades on your side, can greatly better your odds that the home you are about to purchase is what it appears to be, and will not end up becoming an endless nightmare for years to come due to poor maintenance or workmanship. 
         Remember, the cost of a home inspection by a Master Certified Home Inspector  is a very small price to pay when making what may be the largest investment in your lifetime.
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