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 Infrared Certified Thermo Imaging Inspections

    Local Ottawa Home Inspection Company is now offering FREE Infrared Thermography (Thermal Camera) scans as part of every Home Inspection when suitable temperature conditions exist... Thermography is still a new idea in the field of Home Inspections and most Home Inspectors around Ottawa are reluctant to invest the time and money that is required  for training and equipment to stay on top of the ever changing field of Home Inspections. Neil Card of Barrhaven Home Inspectors however continues to invest Hundreds of hours and Thousands of dollars in training and equipment in order to keep  pace with all the daily changes that are taking place in the Home Inspection industry. By doing so I feel that Barrhaven Home Inspectors can offer our customers the most thorough Home Inspection possible by today's standards and our goal is to continue to evolve and  to keep pace with all the housing industry changes as they occur.           
  Infrared thermal imaging is an advanced non-destructive technology. With this              technology, I can see beyond the spectrum of "natural light" (the light that bounces         off all objects we can see with the naked eye) and measure the temperature                    variances of a  surface. I am pioneering this technology in the building inspection          industry and providing an unprecedented  service other Home Inspectors in Ottawa have yet to offer. Proudly serving Ottawa, Barrhaven, Kanata, Orleans, Brockville, Cornwall, Russell, Embrum, Perth, Arnprior, Carleton Place, Smith Falls, Kemptville, and the greater Eastern Ontario Region.

Thermal Imaging is highly advanced technology that was originally developed by the military for use in enhancing night vision. This truly amazing camera technology is so astonishing, that it is slowly migrating into the residential and commercial inspection field. Thermal Imaging is quite possibly, the most important technology to be utilized in the home inspection profession today. In the hands of Certified, Trained and Experienced Thermographer's, an infrared camera enables me to detect hidden issues behind finished surfaces of any building by evaluating the camera’s images and temperature readings.

Moisture in Ceiling; No Stains Visible             Faulty Breaker in Electrical Panel

Everything from faulty wiring, overheated electrical circuit breakers, wet or missing insulation, plumbing leaks behind walls or between floors and even mold infestation will affect the surrounding temperature of a surface. Under the right temperature conditions, Thermal Diagnostics can reveal these and many other serious issues that cannot be seen by the naked eye or with conventional or digital photography. 

                            Brand New Home Lacking Insulation in the Wall Chase 

These concealed defects can normally go undetected in the course of my standard visual inspection, but with Thermal Imaging, the infrared camera enables me to detect extremely small but crucial heat patterns from one area of a structure to another. These temperature variations will clearly show up on our infrared camera’s screen as “cold” or “hot” spots. These spots will contain a color signature along with temperature differentials if issues are lurking behind the surfaces of your home. 

Analysis of this data will help detect problems or conditions that never would have been visible with the naked eye. Thermal Diagnostics adds an invaluable dimension to the evaluation of any home or business. And with the ever rising costs to heat and cool your home, we can actually tell you which windows you are throwing your hard earned dollar out of. Please call so we can discuss how Thermal Diagnostics can benefit you with added information and Insight regarding your real estate purchase or maintenance of your home.

Thermal Inspection for Existing Homes

Thermal Imaging can be very useful to find problems or inefficiencies before they get out of hand. Here are just a few of the things we look for during a thermal inspection of your home: 

                                               Missing and/or failed insulation 
Leaks behind drywall 
Electrical outlets leaking air 
Poor or defective weatherstripping on doors 
Energy wasting windows 
Defective Seals on Freezers/Fridges 
Leaking Roofs (before they cause damage) 
Improper attic hatch sealing 
Electrical problems 

The above photo shows a severe air leak behind the wall. It has cooled the drywall to 15.8 C when the rest of the exterior wall is 19.2 C. The homeowner was unaware any problem existed. This was caused by torn vapor barrier and improper insulation. 

A thermal home inspection provides you with piece of mind that your house is not wasting energy somewhere that you never expected. We will provide you with a detailed report of your home including color thermal images! 

A typical thermal home inspection will cost between $150.00 and $250.00 and with today's energy costs the savings can really add up! 

Contact us today with any questions or to book an appointment.                                   Neil Card (613) 823-8844

ATTENTION: WE are not registered with Natural Resources Canada to do energy audits on your home. We are mainly concerned with finding the areas where heat loss/gain or moisture may be a problem and  this may be leading to higher than normal energy costs or could also involve health (mould) and structural related problems.

 I was recently called into a home to do a thermography inspection where the home owner was still having problems with his young daughters bedroom located on the third floor, still being the coldest room in the house after an energy audit had been done to try and detect the cause of the problem. Upon scanning the room with the infrared camera, I found that the only area that showed any difference in temperature was that the window in the daughters room was 6 degrees colder that all the other windows in the home and that the window seal had failed. In a few minutes he had the answer to his problem and no damages were done to the home. This quick process elimated the need for more costly and frustrating trial and error attempts and the home owner was very grateful for the quick service and recommendations offered. 

Infrared thermal imaging inspections are now available in the greater Ottawa area for the low price of only $150.00 per hour (1 Hr Minimum) and whole house inspections are currently available for only $250.00*                 
*Max 3000 sq. ft.  Please call for specialty and out of town services This service is included for free as part of all our regular home inspections. 

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