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To seasonally disconnect your humidifier, perform the following steps:

1.  Stop motor by turning humidistat to "OFF".
2.  Turn off the water supply.
3.  Slide float block off the float arm, loosen orifice nut, and raise float assembly
     to top of adjustment slot in cabinet.
4.  Lift drum shaft out of support bearing and move drum away from motor to 
     disengage shaft from motor coupling. Remove drum assembly from humidifier.
     Slide retainer clip from drum shaft. Remove shaft from drum shaft. Remove 
     shaft from drum assembly and pull drum ends apart to remove evaporator
     sleeve. The evaporator sleeve may be cleaned and softened in a solution of 
     1/2 vinegar and 1/2 water or mild detergent and water. Reassemble drum end
     with evaporator sleeve. Replace drum shaft and retainer clip. A new 
     replacement evaporator sleeve is recommended at least once during heating
5.  Lift small plastic shield from float orifice. Remove and clean neoprene valve 
     seat (81-12D). Valve seat may be reversed if it shows wear. Should valve parts 
     show excessive mineral deposits, disconnect the 1/4" water supply and 
     remove orifice washer. The complete float assembly may then be removed for 
     thorough cleaning.

To activate your humidifier for the heating season, perform the following steps:

1.  Reassemble humidifier and check water level. Check operation of unit by 
     turning humidistat to "ON".
2.  Cleaning will be required every (2) months. However, in hard water areas more 
     frequent cleaning may be necessary.
3.  Humidity should be controlled so that very little condensation appears on the 
     inside surface of the windows. This will still permit reasonable relative humidity 
     except during cold weather as indicated in the following chart, and displays 
     the maximum relative humidity that can be tolerated if condensation is to be 

Outside Air
Temperature (Fahrenheit)
(Celsius) Desirable Maximum Inside Relative Humidity (%) at an Indoor Temperature of 70 F (21 C)
-20 29 20%
-10 -24 25%
0 -18 30%
10 -12 35%
20 - 7 40%