Ask The Home Inspector !
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                      GENERAL MAINTENANCE OF HOME
Ask the home inspector is a great  home buyers reference guide for home maintenance and is also a great reference guide for pre-listing home sales in Ottawa and the valley

  • Inspection
Seasonal inspection is recommended and after all heavy windstorms
  • Repairs
It is common that isolated faults develop with the roof surface. Repair faults 
immediately. Plastic roofing cement is the best material to use for this 
purpose. keep material in ready supply. Apply with a paint brush or spatula.
  • Roof drainage
Spring and fall cleaning of gutter/eavestroughs is essential if there are trees 
nearby. Any minor leak in the gutter can be patched with plastic roofing 
cement. Extension of downpipes or use of concrete splash pads prevents 
soil erosion and channels roof drainage away from foundations.
Do not allow vines or tree branches near eavestroughs.
  • Ice damming
Ice damming can develop at the roof edge (eaves). If possible, shovel the 
snow off your roof carefully and remove any ice formations at the eaves. 
Should ice damming persist, the installation of electric heat cables is 
  • Roof covering replacement
Don't wait until severe leakage occurs. But you don't want to replace your 
roof prematurely either. It is best to get an impartial opinion on remaining life 

  • Automatic overhead doors.
Ensure that the auto-reverse (safety) function of your automatic opener 
operates properly.
  • Overhead door.
Your wood or clapboard overhead door requires to be painted or sealed on 
the inside and all edges as well as the outer face. In addition, lubrication of 
the wheel tracks with heavy grease should be performed yearly. 
Painting/sealing the interior of the door protects the wood from humid/damp 
conditions which naturally occur inside your garage.
  • Gas proofing.
The integrity of all garage walls common with the house must be maintained 
in order to avoid automobile fumes entering the dwelling. If there is an 
adjoining door between the house and the garage, a self-closing devise must 
be installed.
Any hole or fault in a common wall must be repaired. Believe it or not, even 
taped or plastic will provide an adequate gas proof barrier. The self-closer 
helps to assure the entry door does not stay open.
  • Detached garage draining.
The biggest enemy of a detached garage is uncontrolled water. Ensure 
proper grading and roof drainage. Install rain gutter/troughs to the garage.

  • Window systems must be equipped with well fitting, seasonal storms or screens.  Glazing or putty work may be necessary periodically. Glazing/putty is the best material which provides the water tight seal between the window frame and the glass pane.
  • All primary entry doors must be weatherstripped at the top, bottom and sides. Storm doors are recommended when entry doors or entrances are directly exposed to the weather. Doors usually swell and expand if the top and bottom edges are not sealed or painted.

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