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  • Clean or replace the filter in your forced-air furnace every two months or clean the electronic air-cleaner coil at least six times a year.
  • Inspect/service your furnace/boiler annually.
  • Provide adequate engineered outside air to your gas/oil furnace/boiler room.
  • Clean the humidifier at least twice during the heating season.
  • During cooling season (summer):
Switch off the humidifier at the humidistat
Shut off the water to the humidifier
Close off the damper on the humidifier-duct to the furnace (supply phlenum)
        Make sure to properly clean and service the humidifier to help to prevent any         bacteria build-up from stagnent water left in the humidifier over the summer.

During the heating season (winter) these steps are reversed. maintain 
humidity levels according to your personal comfort. Do not allow abnormally 
high levels of condensation to develop inside your house

  • Fireplaces/chimneys should be inspected/cleaned at least once a year.
  • Air-condition condensation drain pipes should be provided with "P" traps to prevent sewer gases being sucked into the air distribution system.
  • Keep the basement and crawlspaces well ventilation.
  • Treat basement floor drains with a light solution of laundry bleach to prevent drain-flies and other insects nesting there.
  • Remove asbestos products (this should be done by trained professionals).
  • Install wire cages over all exterior exhaust ports from the laundry dryer, the kitchen and bathroom to prevent birds nesting in them.
  • A sheet of laundry static-guard, e.g. Bounce, makes a great dust-filter when placed inside every air supply grill in each room.
  • Provide mechanical exhaust to the outside from your bathrooms and kitchen hood. This prevents excessive build-up of condensation on your windows, ceilings and walls.
  • Keep pet litter boxes away from ventilation return grills.
  • Clean out the bathroom, kitchen and laundry sinks, bathtub and stand-up shower drains at least twice a year.
  • Use proper firewood to burn in your fireplace. do not use pressure-treated wood or wood with any type of finish on it.