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The primary purpose of a Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV) is to replace stale inside air with fresh outside air. The HRV is designed to actually heat the cold incoming air thereby improving the overall cost effectiveness of the ventilation strategy.

The HRV greatly contributes to the overall effectiveness of your home's comfort performance. It also greatly improves the indoor environment which no doubt results in a healthier family.

Repairs and Maintenance Requirements

  • HRV intake vent at exterior wall must be kept clear.
  • HRV intake vent must not be too close to exhaust ducts such as dryer vents and vents for high efficiency furnaces/gas hot water tank and gas fireplaces.
  • HRV intake vent must not be constricted by shrubs or vines and must not be too close to grade level.
  • HRV exhaust vent to be kept clean and must not be constricted by shrubbery or vines.
  • HRV filters must be cleaned every two months/similar to that of your furnace.
  • Your HRV must be in an accessible location to accommodate general servicing.
  • Manufacturer's maintenance instructions must be obtained and reviewed.