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Please be advised that a majority of insurance companies will not extend coverage to houses with significant amount of knob and tube wiring. Some companies will consider extending coverage if the house is inspected by the Hydro Authority, local utility or a licensed electrician. All recommended repairs may have to be effectuated within 90 days of occupancy.

Accordingly, the following electrical improvements are recommended in order for the system to perform safely and adequately.

  • Upgrade main electrical service to 100 amp (minimum).
  • Install a 100 amp (minimum) circuit breaker distribution panel.
  • Install one/two additional grounded duplex receptacles to teach habitable room in the dwelling.
  • Replace all of the existing household convenience receptacles with new wiring from the panel.
  • Install additional receptacles in the basement so there is a grounded duplex receptacle at least every 12 feet.
  • Install GFCI receptacles to: Exterior outlet, bathroom outlets, garage outlets, whirlpool baths.
  • Delete the grounding pin from all non-grounded, 3-prong receptacles.
  • Install at least two split duplex receptacles in the kitchen.
  • Install exterior rated light fixture at entrance(s).
  • Install a 240-volt receptacle for the: Stove, Clothes dryer
  • Rework the 3-way light switch operation at the primary staircase.
  • Remove and replace all exposed knob and tube wiring connected to the main distribution pane and within the basement ceiling.
  • Rewire most/all lighting circuits. Improve/add lighting in the basement.
  • Replace all push-button type light switches
  • Rework/replace electrical wiring in the garage, garden/landscaping
  • Improve/rework poor wiring connections in the basement.
  • Make application for permits and inspections with the Hydro authority for all proposed work.