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An active foundation leak has been detected. Without the benefit of analyzing the leak over a period of time, it is difficult to prescribe the most cost effective repair solution. However, the following strategies should be adopted to avoid unnecessary costs.

Soil saturation against the foundation wall.
What factors are contributing to soil saturation against the house?

  • Ensure that the roof drainage is operating properly.
  • Ensure that the ground level grading favourably channels rain water away from your house.
  • Are there any faults in the wall (at or above the ground) where rain water can penetrate?
  • Review the  information sheet on leaky basement prevention.

Interior leak analyzation.
What are your observations in the basement?

  • Where does the water enter the basement?
  • How much water enters the basement?
  • Is there a leak only after heavy rains?
  • Review  information sheet on basement humidity and moisture.


  • You may be able to greatly reduce the leak/basement dampness by implementing some cost effective strategies at the exterior and in the basement.
  • Remember - you can always telephone us - your inspection company. Together, we can review the leak symptoms and formulate an appropriate course of action.
         There is a possibility that excavating or other major work may be
 required in order to totally correct the leak.
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