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The subject building is located in or near the general area where termites are known to be active. We are not considered to be specialists in this field of pest control and consequently do not hold forth as professional termite inspectors.

We provide the following information during the inspection:
  • Identify any wood members of the building which are in contact with the soil.
  • Identify any visible wood members of the building which require repair or replacement as a result of termite damage.
  • Attempt to determine whether chemical treatment for termite control has been undertaken.

The inspector will note in the report if they discovered visible evidence of termite activity in the building. However, we cannot substantiate the absence or presence of termite infestation. It is highly recommended that you obtain the services of a professional termite inspector company for an experienced opinion.

  • Eliminate all contact between the soil and all wood members that are part of the building. This is a highly labour intensive task with very little material costs involved.
  • Remove all scrap wood from the premises. provide access (if necessary) under porches and clear out any debris. Avoid storing firewood on the ground. pile logs away from the building on a raised platform made of concrete or other suitable material.
  • Basements and underfloor crawlspaces should be ventilated to control dampness. Spaces under decks and porches should also be ventilated.
  • Eliminate any contact with wood members and the concrete basement floor. Any water penetration through the foundation where there are wood floors or partitions nearby should be rectified immediately.
  • Ensure that surface water is channeled away from the foundation wall. This is achieved by sloping ground/walkways/patios, etc. away from the house for the first four feet.
  • Maintain eavestroughs and downspouts. If downspouts discharge on grade, extensions should be added to divert rain water away from the house.
  • Review roof coverings and flashings annually. Plastic roofing cement should be used to repair any minor faults that have developed
  • the exterior wall assembly should be inspected annually. Any faults in the wall covering should be repaired immediately. Caulking should be used at all joints of dissimilar materials.